The Next New Moon is: 
Saturday, March 13th ,2021. @ 3:23 AM

This Custom Candle will guide you gracefully through the year. Only (12) are made each month. Manifesting all life’s possibilities you want to come to life.

You gotta believe it to see it.

Start it right, believe your capable and let it flow.
-Set your 4 intentions. 

For ex:   
This year I wanted to focus on my Strength, Love, Career, Mental. And I wrote down these intentions..

1. I am strong.
2. I love myself therefore I can give my love to others.
3. I am creative and focused  on what’s to come.
4. I am mentally  equipped to help myself therefore I can help others.

Pure Intentions only. Like I said you gotta believe it to see it. When the New moon rises light your candle. You will be given rules to follow once the New Moon rises.