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Candle Making Workshop

In this workshop we come to you in any setting. We will provide the tools for this process. Providing you with your very own tools to participate. Get ready to learn to make your very own soy candle creations.

-2 hours of guided instruction about Candle Making
-Overview of the candle making process

-Fragrance customization

-Two candles in signature vessels, one 8 oz glass jar and one 4 oz metal tin

Vessel upgrades & additional candles available for purchase

Candles can be picked up after a 2-3 hour curing time. 
For evening classes, candles can be picked up starting the next business day. 
Please allow 2-3 days to enjoy. 

$70 per person
Groups up to 10 due to new guidelines.

**You will receive and email with further details once purchased.

Candle Making Classes

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